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Egpyt Bell Memorial Fund!

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Family, friends and loved ones we are hurting, We lost our Egypt Bell September 30th early in the hours of the morning! She was 4 months old. Egypt was a happy little angel, she smiled anytime she slept, she warmed our hearts with her presence. Only a parent can know the true depths of anguish as a result of the death of a child and this one strikes such a deep chord in our souls. We are in pain, We can’t explain to Shalynda the reason of why God work the way he does, We are in shock. Not to mention our mother lost her son, our brother Terrence Raino back in 1990.

Help Jalicia with A Mobility Van! Spread the Word!!

Jalicia is a beautiful 12 year old physically handicapped girl! Please Spread the word!

Mcdonald’s- Northeast

1100 University Ave Ne

Minneapolis, Mn 55420

They’re selling Fried Flies Embedded into Chicken Nuggets! 

There is a mother whom contact every attorney but no one will accept her case because her son had to catch food poisoning!

Here are her words;

"’m suing one the basis of:

  • Nuisance Settlement

  • recognizable psychological injury which left us in pain and anguish

  • failed to ensure that they serve best quality,uncontaminated, and safe food to their customers.

  • McDonald’s staff did not fulfill their duty of inspecting and properly maintaining their cooking equipment to ensure that the food cooked is safe and causes no harm to consumers.

  • product liability and negligence on the part of McDonald’s restaurant.

Now my son will no longer eat the food that he loves the most! 

He will forever think that it’s a fly in his Chicken Nuggets whether its from Burger King, Wendys, Or even at home!

If you wish to donate to help mother pay for court fees so that she can sue herself and be her own lawyer in this case please click on this link

Appreciate your time <3

This is a photo that I captured with my cell phone of the manager examining the Chicken Mcnugget that I ordered for my son May 20th in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I added the video to my facebook and gotten over 1000+ shares! Now my son will not eat certain foods because he think it’s a fly in it, He is very afraid of Chicken Nuggets now. 

This is what my son almost eaten on May 20th 2014. This was purchased at the Mcdonalds in Minneapolis, Minnesota. My son is 6 years old. I really want a lawyer but nobody will take the case because he didn’t get “Food Poisoning” 

1866-960-8760 M-SUN 11AM to 9PM


1866-960-8760 M-SUN 11AM to 9PM

Beautiful, Soft, Minimal Shedding, Pure Virgin Hair!

Beautiful, Soft, Minimal Shedding, Pure Virgin Hair!

She did that!!!&#8222;20 Inches of #Indianhair #instahair #gracefulhair #

She did that!!!„20 Inches of #Indianhair #instahair #gracefulhair #